How to trade agro commodities using a block chain


Are you looking to understand how Blockchain technology is applied in agriculture value chains?
Are you working on designing a business model for your Blockchain technology solution?

In this module through a series of modular multi-media videos you will learn the fundamentals of Blockchain technology and how it is being applied to the Agriculture value chain. Here in this module the entrepreneur of Binkabi (a blockchain solution designed to support SME’s trade their agro commodities in a secured way and receive a fair price for their produce) will take you through the solution and how it is going to contribute to inclusive agriculture value chains in emerging markets.

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  • About this course
  • modular videos
  • Background - Binkabi
  • The product and financial flows in agriculture value chains
  • Friction Issues in Agri-food supply chains
  • Funding Issues in Agri-food supply chains
  • Fairness issues in Agri-food supply chains
  • What is a Barter Block?
  • How does a barter block works?
  • Types of Barter Blocks
  • Market size for barter blocks
  • Why Blockchain for Barter Block?
  • How Binkabi is using Blockchain?
  • How Binkabi works for agri traders?
  • Blockchain technology challenges for Binkabi
  • Adoption of technology innovations
  • Do small holder farmers get benefited with Blockchain and Barter block?
  • Why would financial institutions collaborate Barter Block?
  • How governments would respond to Barter Block?
  • your feedback
  • Hope you enjoyed the learning experience
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed