Dynamics of digital agriculture


The technologies associated with Digital Agriculture are exciting and their application in other sectors has had visible and significant effects. Therefore our attention can be easily focused on what such innovations can do technically. However, strategic lessons and insights from application of digital technologies throughout the economy and society have shown that is the benefits and costs will determine sustained adoption (or not). In this interactive session:
• You will get an understanding of the value proposition associated with digital technology application
• You will understand the Forces in the food sector driving us towards Digital Agriculture
• You will takeaway the documented economic benefits from precision farming
• You will take away the perspectives of science, consumer and society

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  • Expert session + Discussion
  • Dynamics of Digital Agriculture: Part 1
  • Dynamics Of Digital Agriculture: Part 2
  • Dynamics of Digital Agriculture: Part 3 (Discussion)
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  • How To Approach Data Ownership In AgTech?
  • European data-driven AgTech startups
  • Digital Technologies in adoption, value added and overview
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  • IT in Agribusiness - Stanford whitepaper
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