Beyond big data - The case of digital agriculture


Use of the term, Big Data, has become common throughout society. As with most buzzwords, the term is, itself, not particularly useful for decision makers considering adoption and use of innovative technologies. Further, in agriculture, the use of the Big Data term obscures the more important managerial reality that application of digital technologies has the potential to fundamentally change and enhance management in the sector.

In this session Dr. Sonka explores the components of Digital Agriculture, their application and potential managerial impacts. Specifically, he will link
• Link Big Data/Digital Agriculture to the evolution of agricultural management
• Review the components and use of Big Data as generally applied, to include:
• Expand perspectives beyond Big Data to focus on Digital Agriculture

Several knowledge booster exercises and reading materials are also part of this session

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  • Digital agriculture in context - Case of a start-up farmer
  • A Contemporary Farmer
  • Farmer to an Agripreneur
  • Tackling value chain challenges using Big Data
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  • Agriculture Is Fertile Ground for Digitization - ATKearney
  • Digital intelligence to indoor farming
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