How to overcome Agri-residue burning dilemma (MD010)


Are you interested to understand the root-cause of the crop residue burning?
Are you interested in overcoming this issue and possible understand ways for creating higher value with crop residue?

The current smog and poor air quality in the National Capital Region of India have been blamed in part on stubble burning by farmers, especially in neighbouring Punjab and Haryana. Indian Agriculture Inputs Industry veteran Mr. Sundara Rajan will help us understand the Stubble burning Dilemma and the fixes from an agribusiness perspective.

Mr. Sundara Rajan will give a clear perspective on the Stubble burning issue in India, presents the dilemma from the Indian Agriculture perspective and presents possible solutions. It is important that students, businesses operating along the entire food value chain and policymakers to get a good understanding of this dilemma and work out proper fixes.

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  • About the Session
  • Introduction - Speaker & Session (02:05)
  • Contributors to Air Pollution
  • Air Pollution & the Burning Question (07:00)
  • Issues Addressed In The Session (01:32)
  • Part 1: Crop Residues - Explained
  • Understanding Crop Residues Part 1 (03:47)
  • Understanding Crop Residues Part 2 (06:09)
  • Negative Consequences Of Burning Crop Residues (01:42)
  • Part 2: Options for dealing with Crop Residues
  • Crop Residue Management by Farmers (04:38)
  • Alternative Uses - Biofuel Plant By HPCL (02:55)
  • Part 3: Alternative & Innovative Solutions
  • Innovations In Crop Residue Management (04:44)
  • Practical Challenges In Adopting Conservation Agriculture (01:35)
  • Traditional Agriculture Vs. Conservation Agriculture (02:47)
  • Crop Residue Management - Other Solutions (03:11)
  • Part 4: What more is needed?
  • Crop Residue Management - Way Forward (06:22)
  • Key Takeaways of the Session (02:01)
  • Discussion Elements
  • Discussion - Alternative Usage of Crop Residue (03:58)
  • Discussion - Farm Implements as a Service (01:33)
  • Discussion - Building New Value Chains From Crop Residue (01:58)
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