Post Harvest Technology Innovations - Part 1 (MD006)


This is the Part-1 of a 2 part interactive session on Post-harvest technology innovations in food chains

Creating value out of food losses is one of the critical themes around food sustainability and Mr. Shubham Chandra is an innovative entrepreneur and investor in post-harvest technology interventions.

In this session Shuhbham will take you through:
1) The context of food losses along the entire food value chain in both established and emerging markets
2) The different technology innovations applicable for different products operating in varied
environments and markets
3) The process of testing the technological effectiveness of a post-harvest technology
4) Approach to testing the business effectiveness of post-harvest technology intervention

For any specific questions related to this Seminar do reach out to us on the discussion forum.

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  • modular videos
  • Introduction to the Session (03:33)
  • Overview the Webinar (02:04)
  • 2050 Food Challenge (02:44)
  • Poll Question: Current Food Production (03:40)
  • Global Post Harvest Losses & Water Foot Print (02:40)
  • Global Produce Losses (06:20)
  • Poll Question: Food Waste&Losses (00:48)
  • Reasons for Food Supply Chain Losses (06:03)
  • Poll Question Length of Supply Chains (01:38)
  • Food Supply Chain Intermediaries (03:04)
  • Understanding Fruits & Vegetables (03:36)
  • Produce Handling Considerations - Physiological Maturity (03:10)
  • Produce Handling Considerations - Mechanical Injury (05:00)
  • Produce Handling Considerations - Temperature (06:14)
  • Produce Handling Considerations - Ethylene (01:45)
  • Post-Harvest Handling & Storage Innovations (03:38)
  • Discussion Elements
  • Discussion: Technology Penetration for Post-Harvest losses (04:07)
  • Discussion: Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (03:53)
  • Discussion: Role of CO2 in Shelf Life (02:23)
  • Poll Question: Handling Post Harvest Losses (00:39)
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