Food Sustainability

How can you change the game of agriculture (EM004)


In this "Executive Seminar", Lucas Simons explores why so many production and trade systems have unsustainable behavior as their natural outcome. Lucas a leading figure in sustainable agriculture and commodities, argues that this is because of a series of feedback loops: wrong incentives in the market, failing correction mechanisms and vested interests that resist any change. The market transformation process as a change process recognizes different, evolving and maturing phases of development where there are logic and pattern in getting from one phase to the next. As markets move through these phases, the need for coordination, cooperation, and institutionalization around new best practice increases to eventually come to a level playing field.
Lucas will apply his innovative market transformation models to real-life cases in food and agribusiness.

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  • Introduction
  • Welcome message
  • Introduction to the Session (01:24)
  • Introduction of the Expert (04:08)
  • Reviewing the current food system
  • The context of Sustainable Development Goals (03:27)
  • The Food Sustainability Challenge or Opportunity (08:32)
  • Analysing the current food system
  • The relevance of rules of the game to food (02:47)
  • Sector archetypes model (07:46)
  • 4 dominant forces determining sector archetypes (20:03)
  • Changing the Food Game: The "How"
  • Phases in Sustainable Market Transformation (26:23)
  • Discussion: Business models, Market transformation stages and Entrepreneurship
  • Discussion - Business models in changing the food game at systems level (07:04)
  • Discussion - How to achieve speed in changing the food game (05:18)
  • Discussion - How to deliver value in regulated environment (04:58)
  • Discussion-The role of Differentiation and Entrepreneurship (07:07)
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  • Thank you & follow up
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed