Big Data applications in Cold Chain management (WR002)


Supply chain managers and leaders in food processing and food retail businesses are grappling with multiple risks across globally dispersed supply chains. The global nature of the supply chain with the sourcing of ingredients across multiple locations both within the company and from suppliers have made food supply chains highly vulnerable and is resulting in a spate of recalls. It is estimated that the food & drink industry could increase its profitability by over 30% just by better risk and recall management practices.

Dr. Atanu Chaudhuri shares his research insights and experience gathered from analyzing and advising innovative food logistics businesses and the logistics function of food processing companies.

The following elements have been addressed here:
1. Need of technology in cold chain logistics
2. Current technological solutions in cold chain logistics
3. Industry practices in the adoption of technology in cold chain logistics
4. Using big data for decision making in cold chain logistics
5. Challenges in the adoption of technology in cold chain logistics
6. The way forward and future outlook

Although the course can be beneficial for anyone interested in the topic, it is targeted for:
1. Professionals working in or related to supply chain risks
2. Graduating students ready to face the real world as professionals or as entrepreneurs
3. Students preparing for their internship interviews
4. Entrepreneurs looking to build a food proof supply chain for delivering their value proposition

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  • About this course
  • modular videos
  • Introduction and overview (01:15)
  • Need for technology in Cold Chain Logistics (02:50)
  • Data that can be captured in cold chains (04:30)
  • Technology infrastructure for capturing big data (03:38)
  • Using big data for improved decision making (14:01)
  • Big data business application for risk management in Logistics (05:11)
  • Adoption challenges for applying big data in logistics (02:51)
  • Approach to implementing big data driven cold chain logistics (02:45)
  • Future Outlook for big data in cold chain Logistics (02:00)
  • discussion elements
  • Discussion: Frugal Innovations Examples (04:12)
  • Discussion: Alternative value chains (05:31)
  • Making technology adoption feasible (04:18)
  • feedback
  • feedback and followup
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed