How to build a Circular Food Value Chain? (EM005)


Dr. Vijayender Nalla shares insights on how emerging technologies contribute to value chain innovation. Using the Waitrose food waste reduction initiative, Dr. Vijayender demonstrates how retailers can re-define their value proposition by adopting technology strategically.

An Innovative technology called "Controlled Instantaneous Pressure Drop (CIPD)" is used to demonstrate how the production, processing and distribution can align themselves to deliver differentiated shopper value. The case of Horticulture and rice value chains are used as demonstration scenarios for creating added value

Specifically, you can expect to master your ability to action learning outcomes covering the following areas:
1. Understanding the concept of circular value chains
2. Disruptive technology interventions that can take value creation to the next level
3. How to conceptualize and execute entrepreneurial opportunities within food and agribusiness

Although the course can be beneficial for anyone interested in the topic, it is targeted for:
1. Professionals working in food and agribusiness along the entire value chain
2. Graduating students ready to face the real world as professionals or as entrepreneurs
3. Students preparing for their internship interviews
4. Entrepreneurs looking to build a food proof supply chain for delivering their value proposition

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  • About this course
  • Retailer role in creating a circular value chain
  • A retailer's approach to dealing with food waste (01:44)
  • Context of transformative technologies (01:46)
  • Profitability, sustainability and entrepreneurship: Critical dimensions (03:35)
  • Retailer's restructured value chain - Scenario (03:54)
  • Profitability, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship (03:50)
  • Transformative technology : Controlled instantaneous pressure drop (CIPD)
  • Transformative Technology: CIPD (08:21)
  • CIPD and Value Chain Innovation (03:00)
  • CIPD Business Case - The case of Vitasnack (02:12)
  • CIPD relevance in emerging markets - The case of India (02:21)
  • Can CIPD applied to meat value chain (01:08)
  • Can CIPD applied to Grape chain (02:02)
  • CIPD converting commodities to specialties - rice value chain (05:44)
  • CIPD economics to onion value chain (01:40)
  • Transformative technologies - Insights (07:07)
  • Discussion : Transformative technologies and food value chains
  • Discussion: CIPD Risks (02:37)
  • Discussion: Implementing CIPD in the US and overcoming market risk (03:16)
  • Discussion: Emerging market readiness for transformative technologies (03:52)
  • Discussion: Market potential for innovative products in emerging markets (01:42)
  • Discussion: CIPD impact on pesticide residues (01:17)
  • Discussion: Would CIPD adoption be feasible for a non-food processor (02:11)
  • The learning solutions - Agribusiness Academy (01:07)
  • your feedback
  • Hope you enjoyed the learning experience
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed